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Stylist Info

Let me start by introducing myself my name is Liz, I am a passionate and dedicated professional fashion stylist, Wife and Mother,based in Melbourne. I have a certificate in professional styling for personal/ TV / magazine and runway styling. I have Previously worked as an assistant buyer, merchandiser and stylist, I have styled many clients in store for some of the biggest name brands in Australia. My inspirational icons are Rachael Zoe and Elizabeth Saltzman. I also admire Australian stylists such as Natalia De Martin. From a design perspective Gianni Versace and Alexander McQueen are so inspirational, as i love the classic pieces from Versace and the more edgey designs from Alexander McQueen. Local designers such as Effie Kats are amazing, her pieces are well thought out, stylish and practical and her background story is very relatable. There is nothing more rewarding then seeing my clients transformations and knowing that i have played a role in making my clients feel more confident in their skin no matter what shape or size. I dont just entertain one style, anything goes, whether it be street style, casual, or a black tie event, i can make anything work. I incorporate all these styles in my daily life, I’ve always played with different style genres, i appreciate fashion in any style and form. Everyday there’s a different story to tell. Whether you just want to boost your confidence or you have an event to attend, I will give you all the tools you need to feel unstoppable. There’s never a dull moment when you get styled by L.R exclusive styling. 

Size doesn’t matter

Whoever said you had to be thin and tall to appreciate and love fashion!! Fashion is for everyone, theres a number of ways one style can look fierce on many shapes and sizes. Loving the little black dress? heres a take on the little black dress for the thinner diva or the fuller godess. This style works on most shapes and thats where i come into play to make the magic happen!! I help my clients realise there’s no limit when it comes to fashion. You can feel amazing no matter what style it is that you would love to achieve. The” I invented class “mesh midi dress, as pictured above can be purchased online from Fashion Nova for $58.93 AUD both affordable and classy.